Sasha Yoga (शश योग)

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Sasha Yoga (शश योग) in Astrology

Sanskrit: Shasha शश (śaśá)

When Saturn occupies quadrant (Kendra) in its exaltation sign Libra or either in own house Capricorn/ Aquarius or Mool Trikona i.e. Aquarious 1-10°. This position of Saturn gives rise to Sasha Yoga in Astrology. This is one of the “five royal yogas of astrology” Panch Mahapurusha Yoga. Click here to Read full article on Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga

Shsha Yoga is formed only in these Ascendants: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Chart for House and Ascendants

1st House             Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius

4th House             Cancer, Libra and Scorpio

7th House             Aries, Cancer and Leo

10th House             Capricorn, Aries Taurus


This is the native born in Shasha Yoga has excellent political wit even if the person born in ordinary family. The native manage to have employees and servants under his/ her command. Shasha yog Jatak becomes head of the society; either it is village, town, or city or state. Native is of noble and humble nature on the one hand and political mind on the other makes the person extraordinary personality. The native’s growth is gradual and especially after 36 years of age. The person is blessed with good qualities of Saturn.

Many statesman and researchers have this yoga in their horoscope

शस्तः सर्वजनैः सुभ्रित्यबलवान ग्रामाधिपो वा नृपो
दुर्वृतः शशयोगजोSन्यवनितावित्तः सौख्यवान

shastaH sarvajanaiH subhR^ityabalavAn grAmAdhipo vA nR^ipo

durvR^ittaH shashayogajo.anyavanitAvittaH saukhyavAn |

लग्नेन्द्वोरपि योगपञ्चकमिदं संत्राज्यसिद्धिप्रदं
तेष्वेकादिषु भाग्यवान् नृपसमो राजा नृपेन्द्रोSअधिकः

lagnendvorapi yogapa~nchakamidaM sAntrAjyasiddhipradaM

teShvekAdiShu bhAgyavAn nR^ipasamo rAjA nR^ipendro.adhikaH ||

3 thoughts on “Sasha Yoga (शश योग)

  1. Hello, Can you please suggest me how is my saturn, but i am not in to any political party and have no interest in politics yet. I am into real estate industry.

    I have the below placements… I am Libra ascendant ….

    Rahu in 1st house ketu in 2nd house 04 degrees
    mercury in 3rd house 24 degrees
    mars in 4th house 00 degress
    sun in 4th house 19 degrees
    venus in 6th house 06 degrees
    jupiter in 7th house 28 degrees
    moon in 9th house 20 degrees
    saturn in 10th house 19 degrees

    i started from zero and scratch, still struggling, can i reach at some level in real estate business.. i have worked 10 times more than normal.. i am stuck..

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