Dhyana Yoga ध्यान योग Meditation

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 Dhyana Yoga ध्यान योग (Meditation)

dhyAnam ध्यानम्

In day today language Dhyana word of Sanskrit is translated to its limited meaning “Mediation”. I try to explain here few references in our ancient literature about Dhyana.


A reference of Dyana in  Abhigyan Shakuntalam  makes it clear that by practicing Dhyana one could know even those events with reasoning of which he was not having information otherwise. In other words to come across with the object (situation etc.) of meditation.


yadaivApsarastIrthAvataraNAtpratyaxavaiklavyAM shaku.ntalAmAdAya menakA dAxAyaNImupagatA tadaiva dhyAnAdavagato.asmi durvAsasaH shApAdiyaM tapasvinI sahadharmachAriNItvayA pratyAdiShTA nAnyatheti | sa chAyama~NgulIyakadarshanAvasAnaH |

abhij~nAnashAku.ntalam .. 7.31.3..


यदा एवाप्सरस्तीर्थावतरणात्प्रत्यक्षवैक्लव्यां शकुन्तलां आदाय मेनका दाक्षायणीं उपगता तदा एव ध्यानादवगतोऽस्मि दुर्वाससः शापादियं तपस्विनी सहधर्मचारिणीत्वया प्रत्यादिष्टा नान्यथेति । स चायं अङ्गुलीयकदर्शनावसानः ।

अभिज्ञान शाकुन्तलम् ।। ७.३१.३  ।।


Sage Maharshi Kashyap says to King Dushyant:

When you (king Dushyant) desolated your wife Shakuntala at a pilgrim place called Apsara tirtha after the incident her mother Apsara Menka took her to my wife Aditi. At that point of time I came to know by dhyana that all this was effect of Maharshi Durvasa Curse which had validity till sight of the signet ring given by you to Shakuntala.



In Maharishi Patanjali Yogasutra verses referring to Dhyana Yoga.

This verse about Dyana in First Chapter Samadhi Pada

यथाभिमतध्यानाद्वा ॥ 1.39॥

yathAbhimatadhyAnAdvA  ..Verse 39..

               .. samAdhi\-pAdaH ..



Meaning: Meditate about what is appropriate.

In Sadhan Pad the second Chapter of Yog Sutra

ध्यानहेयास्तद्वृत्तयः ॥ 11॥

॥ साधन-पादः ॥

dhyAnaheyAstadvR^ittayaH  ..11..

                .. sAdhana\-pAdaH ..


Meaning: By practicing dhyana dispose  disturbance of life. Here Vritti (whirlpool) word is  used as metaphor to describe disturbances.


In third chapter Vibhutipad

तत्र प्रत्ययैकतानता ध्यानम् ॥2॥

॥ विभूतिपाद ॥


tatra pratyayaikatAnatA dhyAnam.h .. 2..

.. vibhUti\-pAdaH ..


Meaning:  To remain (continuous) in a mental state to have a psyche oneness with the content of meditation.


In Forth Chapter Kaivalya Pad

तत्र ध्यानजमनाशयम् ॥6॥


tatra dhyAnajamanAshayam.h  .. 6 ..

.. kaivalya\-pAdaH ..


Meaning : In the condition when thought are pure and original attains freedom from desires

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