Cardinal Directions

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Disha (Directions) for Vastu


Dis (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root dis to show, point out, direct] A direction or point of space, a cardinal point or quarter; the four cardinal points: prachi (east); dakshina (south); pratichi (west); and udichi (north). The noun disa likewise means direction, region, quarter, or point of space.

East is recognized as the direction from which Sun rose and therefore it is in the past. The past, present and future division of time as a result of the movement of sun are also connected to the spatial directions which are named based on sun’s movement. The directions in space are explained as relative to the position of the observer. In this sutra space and time are connected by the motion of sun which observation is also found in many scriptures.


आदित्यसंयोगाद्भूत पूर्वाद्भविष्यतो भूताच्च प्राची ।

आदित्य  संयोगात aditya-samyogat = from the conjunction of the sun; भूतपूर्वात् bhutpurvat = past and gone; भविष्यतः bhavisyatah, future; भूतात्  bhutat, what has taken place or come into existence ; resent; च cha and; प्राची prachi east

प्राची Prachi / Purva (East)

belonging to Lord Indra (Rain Water Deity who is also the king of all deities), It is considered most auspicious & holy of all directions. While sleeping your legs should not face east.

प्रतीची Pratichi / Paschim (West)

Lord Varuna (Ground Water Deity) lives in this direction. This direction is not considered auspicious. You may plant long tree in the west.

उदीची Udichi / Uttar (North)

belonging to Lord Kubera (Treasurer of Deities). A house entrance facing north brings prosperity.

अवाचि Avachi/ Dakshin (South)

Lord Yama (Death Deity), is presumed to be the lord of the south direction. Houses with entrance doors in the south bring ill-luck to the occupants. While sleeping your legs should never face south.

ईशान Ishanya (North-East)

Ishan the fifth head (the top head symbolising sky or space) of Shiva (The Supreme God) governs this direction. A pooja (worship) room should be kept in the north-eastern direction. House entrance placed in this direction brings prosperity, knowledge peace & progress.

अग्नि Agneya (South-East)

Lord Agni (Fire Deity) is supposed to be the lord of this direction. The kitchen of the house should be situated in this direction. For ensuring their durability, electronic gadgets & appliances should be kept in this direction.

नैऋत्य Nairutya (South-West)

‘Nairuti’ (a Demon) has the authority to this direction. Therefore, it is banned for all auspicious functions. This direction should be filled with heavy unmovable

वायु Vayavya (North-West)

Lord Vayu (Air Deity) is stated to be the Swami (owner) of this direction. This direction is favoured by Lord Hanuman (Monkey God, son of Vayu). For immediate & certain success, this direction is chosen as the point of beginning in any undertaking.

ऊर्ध्व Urdhwa/ Akash (Skywards)

Further sub divided into seven parts depending upon the height.

अधरस्त Adharastha/ Patal (Downwards)

Also sub divided into seven parts depending upon depth.

asya prAchI dikprAJNchaH prANAH
 ##SF## tasya vai etasya purushhasya##k OM. ##vai ... prAchI dik
        prAJNchas.h prANAs.h
dakshiNA digdakshiNe prANAH
 ##SF## dakshiNA dik.h dakshiNAs.h prANAs.h
pratIchI dikpratyaJNchaH prANA
 ##SF## pratIchI dik pratyaJNchas.h prANAs.h
udIchI digudaJNchaH prANAH
 ##SF## udIchI dik.h udaJNchas.h prANAs.h
UrdhvA digUrdhvAH prANAH
 ##SF## UrdhvA dik.h UrdhvAs.h prANAs.h
avAchI digavAJNchaH prANAH
 ##SF## avAchI dik.h avAJNchas.h prANAs.h
sarvA dishaH sarve prANAH |
 ##SF## sarvAs.h dishas.h sarve prANAs.h
sa eshha neti netyA.atmAgR^ihyo na hi gR^ihyate.ashIryo na hi shIryate
.asaN^go na hi sajyate.asito na
vyathate na rishhyaty
 ##SF## sas.h eshha na iti na iti AtmA agR^ihyas.h na hi gR^ihyate
        ashIryas.h na hi shIryate asaN^gas.h asitas.h na sajyate na
        asaN^gas.h na hi sajyate asitas.h na vyathate na rishhyati
abhayaM vai
 ##SF## abhayam.h vai
 ##SF## janaka
prApto.asIti hovAcha yAGYavalkyaH |
 ##SF## prAptas.h asi iti ha uvAcha yAGYavalkyas.h
sa hovAcha janako vaideho.abhayaM tvA gachchhatAd
 ##SF## sa ha uvAcha janakas.h vaidehas.h abhayam.h tvA AgachchhatAt.h
 ##SF## yAGYavalkya
yo no
 ##SF## yas.h nas.h
 ##SF## bhagavan.h
abhayaM vedayase
 ##SF## abhayam.h vedayase
 ##SF## namas.h te astu
ime videhA ayamahamasmi || 4 ||  iti dvitiiyaM braahmaNam.h ..
 ##SF## ime videhAs.h ayam.h aham.h asmi iti
tR^itiiyaM braahmaNam.h . For more details about these Sanskrit Shlokas about Vastu Disha directions contact our Astrologer Prama Chopra at Astroworld, Ridgewood Estate DLF-IV, Gurgaon.


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Are sandhyaavandhanam and agnikaryam can be done in nairuti direction?

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ten directions names

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