Origin of 27 Nakshatra Trees

May 5, 2017

  Origin of 27 Nakshatra Trees (Nakṣatra in Sanskrit) नक्षत्रों से वृक्षों की उत्पत्ति Narad Puran (Nārad Purāṇa नारद पुराण) gives description of origin of trees by the Lords of the 27 Nakshatra of Indian Astrology. Each these 27 Nakshatra has specific Excelling Deity associated with. Click here to see names of Nakshatra Deity and […]

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Life on Mars and Astrology

October 3, 2015

Recent evidence of water on planet Mars once again proves scientific base of ancient Indian writings and Indian Astrology. In our scriptures planet Mars has always referred as son of mother Earth. Now scientists of this age have confirmed evidence of liquid water on Mars. Science is in process to search life on Mars. The […]

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Jupiter-Moon Yoga (Guru Chandra Yoga)

March 18, 2012

Jupiter- Moon Yoga Guru Chandra (Guru Chandi / Chandee) गुरू-चन्द्र  / गुरू-चाँदी योग   When Jupiter is in conjunction /1st quadrant from Moon it is Guru Chandra Yoga (and by default it is Gaja Kesari) and Jupiter in other quadrants from Moon i.e. 4th (fourth), 7th (seventh) and 10th (tenth) then it is termed Gaja-kesari Yoga. It is the most elevated yoga […]

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