Astrological prediction coronavirus end in India

The corona virus disease2019 has become cause of en masse suffering in memorable time of
our generation. This virus named Covid-19 compelled governments to call for a shut
down in many parts of the world. Now entire globe is affected by the spread of
this virus. People who follow my astrological insights are asking exact
timing of the end of this global pandemic and extent of damage etc. When will life
return to normal? People are generally anxious and queries are pouring in amidst
the complete lockdown in India. So I decided to publish my astrological views
for public reading as this situation relates to everyone. I published my book in 2018 in Amazon Kindle publication “Mars –
Saturn combination and Stars Wars of 2018” By PRAMA CHOPRA The book was on Saturn-Mars combination and its effect on
World. It was a candid analysis, in which I predicted war or catastrophe kind
of situation during Mars Saturn affinity. Currently Mars Saturn conjunction is
going on from 22nd March 2020 to 4th May 2020 and this
combination in Zodiac sign Capricorn as per Niryana
Astrology (Vedic Astrology) is denoting such effects. Now many of the world leaders have accepted that this is a
war like situation. Fighting invisible enemy like corona is more difficult to
fight a war based on modern warfare technology. Excerpts from my book: “In Indian astrology
Saturn and Mars does not go well in their combination except a very few placements.
And many of the writings have givenRead More…