Libra Horoscope December 2017

Libra Horoscope December 2017
Libra Horoscope 
(September 23October 22)


Money minting time is around. Things may become rosier from 9th December 2017. Mars & Jupiter in second house of saved resources should be utilised to build bank balance for a long term.

Real estate issues may come to fore, any hidden trouble related to this space will surface.

Good time to launch any start up or anything related to online space and to connect with people.

This is a time when you will start your own journey of life in your own desired way. In the years to come you will have to deal with your problems on your own. However family support would be there but ‘I am a lonely person’ feeling may grapple you.

Sun Sign Horoscope December 2017
by Astrologer PRAMA CHOPRA
Horoscope Sun sign Western

Horoscope September 2017 Sun Sign Astrology

by Astrologer PRAMA CHOPRA

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Challenges are coming your way whether it is your personal well being or professional life or concerning both. External forces will push you to adopt a disciplined life style and punctual routine. New assignments may be coming where you are required to do work for/ with masses and where government is a factor or some sort of authority is evolved. You will take all the matters seriously and try to address things on war footing. Your life will be attached to people and you may need to work tirelessly for them. The good thing is you have ample energy to fight for your betterment. Health aspect of your chart is also attracting weight. In the beginning of the month you may be visiting hospital for some reason. You need to be careful about your physical well being, chances are this visit has something to do with injury rather than slow illness.

All not bad this month, your personal life act like a soothing breeze. You have a passion filled heart and support from your soul mate is unconditional.

Colour Yellow

 Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

As if there is no other month for your creative pursuits to wait. Love, passion and creativity is the moo of the month. You should give your ideas and thoughts a mundane shape it is a time to create something wonderful. Your love life is going through an awesome time in this month; it is so vibrant that it will undermine other areas of your life. Good news for couples who are planning for a child likely to see their wish come true. Those who want to launch their dream projects actually see this happening. Home situation is wonderful as well, only one caution; do not allow any negative influence to enter and silently settle in your home or later you will struggle to get rid of.

Health issues may have been bothering you so a fine tuning of lifestyle with nature is advised.

Colour Green

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

A friendly environment waits for you. You are likely to enjoy a good amount of time with friends helping and advising them in their issues. This would be another reason of cheer in your life. Domestic matters are bright and shiny. Love life is simple, desired Intimacy may be a question by next month things may spice up a bit. Regarding income, it is difficult to host unpredictable Uranus in your income area of your horoscope. A saving regime should come into force. Domestic issues are at the forefront and you are likely to address them with a great care and wit and with a leadership approach. After all you are the boss of your house. Home is attracting energy so much that you can start doing work from home during this season. if there are issues with your spouse scene is likely to change after November so better starting a mild discussion to end tranquillity to give things a positive shape.

Colour Sap  Green

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Financially this should be a rewarding time. Your toil is finally recognised and finally you are likely to be rewarded adequately.

Communication and connection with others is the key to your success and you are going to push these with articulate manner. You may be assigned a job by authorities to represent them in this field. People who are working in social media belonging to this sign will have their best time. This is a momentum and you may surf on it till next month. Job seeker may apply for government jobs. Same is true for professional seeking government project. Support from environment is conducive.

Domestic life is proceeding in a quiet and simple way. Sibling, friends, neighbours and their issues will occupy a good amount of time of yours.

Colour Light Green

Leo (July 23 – August 22)  

Aggression in your temperament will reduce after first week of September. You are emotional and romantic during the phase. Money matters highlighted and a financial discipline is in place. This comes as add on to your already frugal lifestyle. You are more methodical and oriented. These qualities are must for any sort of achievement. Family occasion get together is on cards. Spouse’s health or general well being should not be ignored. Professional challenges are unknown and unpredictable so prepare and brace yourself for any kind of contingency.

Colour  Grey

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Power packed month for you Virgo rather an extended season. Three of the power planets are there in your sign. Sun is doing annual tour in your sign since Aug 23,  then the arrival of Mars in Virgo on 6th September and finally Mercury re-enters Virgo on 10th September ending its retrograde movement on from Aug 13  to 5th Sep. As Sun readies to end his annual tour to your sign on 22 September, new host Venus starts its Virgo visit on 20thSeptember. So most of time this month your zodiac sign is hosting heavenly visitors. You will stand tall and firm your stature likely to rise. Due to concentration of planets is in your sign. All eyes are on you, there is nothing like ‘solo’ this month for you. This phase is accompanied by Birthday bash time for September born Virgo so it is doubles the reason for partying. People will surround, follow you to appreciate your work which is likely to be related for the benefit of the society. The work may range from healthcare, communication for masses or just simply social work. Some hygiene related theme may also be there in your assignment. Your financial position will be a tug of war between expenditure and income.

Colour Red

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Travel and expenditure is the theme September. Area of healing in your chart is powered by fiery planet Mars and Sun and agile Mercury.  For a while you would want to retreat for rest, but it would be difficult to implement. This is like maintenance and repair on go reason being the area of healing in your chart is powered by fiery planet Mars and Sun and agile Mercury.

When Sun enters Libra on 23rd September things will ease out in terms of vitality. Domestic life is not that shiny and smooth but support from the close environment becomes better from the beginning of the month so in a way balances home and around. Income stream likely to flow smooth starting second week of the month. Birthday season starts with a bang for you; luck is supportive in the second half of the month so be thankful to God for whatever He is presented to you.

Colour Pink

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Earnings are at the brightest spot. Professional manoeuvres are likely to push towards success. Good time for politicians and for those who are attached to masses. Luck may not be that favourable but success rate is high this sounds contradictory. This is not a time to hold back on any of your dreams especially related to your career. Skilful moves will help you pushing towards better results. Domestic issues are not present at all. Life in general and relations are passing a patch of routineness.

Colour Dusky Grey

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

September is one of the best times of the calendar 2017. Career theme of your chart firing on all cylinders; it is so well lit up that if you are not able to make something outstanding out of it then blame goes on you only. Creatively or newness may be missing from what you do but you have to find ways to address this handicap. Money situation is fine too, you should explore more ways to improve your income in the coming months, and time is benign. Issues related to kids in the family may not be as perfect as you wish them to be. Travel is for good reason both professional and personal.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

September is definitely a better month than August 2017. Long foreign trips are likely to happen. This journey may have better results to offer in the next month. Area of activity is at distance from your birth place, you are likely to be floating far and far from your roots. Luck so far has favoured you. Concentration of your life will start shifting to on professional topics from the third week of the month. You have a blissful time to plunge in depths with your loved one. Intimate relation is strong and flaming.

Colour  Green

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Court, litigation, Insurance, mortgage, loan EMI. Financial matters related to others may become an issue in your life this month. These events are likely to be sudden in nature. You need to plan and act on financial prudence of the matter. Partnership provides a solid support throughout. Luck favours you in general so you can sail right through any challenges yet the time is not trouble free. Income flow remains stable and success rate is high. You continue to get projects from abroad. Travel to overseas likely to be beneficial for you.

Colour red

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Now you are pragmatic about your own self; emotions may be slowly evaporating from your life. You will be seeking a solid ground under your feet as far as your love life is concerned. Single Pisceans! Planets are pushing you for a formal contract. Sun and two power Planets in your in your seventh house focus anything to everything related to a partnership. Pisces and logic not always go hand in hand as your sensitive sign puts values above the mundane matters; but this season you are practical. Your professional struggle may see an end and life would shape into a decent picture in the times to come, don’t stop anything midway and listen to your gut. End September to Mid October, you may see matters related to others’ people money come to fore and settled for once and all. Be strong to address your heath and it should be first priority for anyone and for you too.

Colour Pastel Green


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Sun Sign Horoscope July 2017

Horoscope July 2017

by Astrologer PRAMA CHOPRA

Horoscope Sun Sign 2017


March 21 – April 19

Home related matters are here to stay near nucleus to your life. Building, construction or decorating your nest is what you will be focusing this month. Sun and Mars visits fourth hose of your horoscope provides strong possibilities of doing real estate investment during July 17. If you are planning to buy new vehicle, you have desired speed from the planets to go and grab. A snap meet with someone may turn into a new friendly relationship and gradually you may see this evolving this relation to a passionate one and with passage of time this relation may become love of your life.

Lucky colour Light Green


April 20 – May 20

From the 5th July 2017 till July end, life is all about financial matters. Venus ruler of your sign visits earned income part of your horoscope. Momentum you built to focus on your finances in the past months continues and ready to bear fruits. Community or neighbourhood matters may occupy your time and space for most part of July. You will be communicating your view with a firm stand better to describe as ‘being authoritative’.  Over all it is a realignment phase you should decide what your priorities are. Fitness regime is on track and you are trying to be in better shape.

Colour Red


May 21 – June 20

All prepared to surprise everyone with your charm and wit. This is a glamorous time. At heart you tend to seek more and more comfort but planets pulling you to focus on all the practical matters of your life. You are ready to start a new innings of your thought of vocation if you wish to. Short term things are finely placed. However, whatever you are planning which involves years to complete should be done with utmost due diligence with no short cuts. Luck may not favour you in partnership issues around 25th July plus few days.

Colour White


June 21 – July 22

El Sol in your Sun sign with fire brand Mars. ‘Do not dare me’ is your mojo this season. However, you are advised to be grounded as Uranus is in your career territory does not protect you from fluctuations of fortunes. Domestic matters started improving from 9th June and July 17 see a better ray of light. You may have a luxury extravaganza coming your way may be a holiday with your soul mate or Those who are gone out for work, this July likely to provide a possibility of family union.

Colour  Fiery Red


July 23 – August 22

Hosting planet of intellect Mercury in your ascendant. Mind brimming with brilliant ideas but body is refusing to catch up. There may be a pile of things to complete but your energy levels fail you. This may be because you caught between contradictory circumstances. You may require fighting with a lot of opposition. You should adopt a balanced approach and buy good amount of time to recapture your oxygen levels and avoid frustration. You may put on hold certain assignments if they do not cost you dearly. Life will be hectic again next month.

Colour Yellow


August 23 – September 22

Income and savings has become anchor of your life nowadays. Earning issues are best addressed with a back up of hard work to recon. Best time to make big savings or at least to start a saving habit for future. Going for all out buy in Real Estate sector may not be best bet for now unless you are sure of a clean deal. Lot many asset classes are there to look at. You may feel contented with your professional life as things are sailing smooth but you can defiantly plan to achieve more there may be a good scope. Your domestic life has few hiccups, plan something long term to address issues around it. A solid foundation is needed to give shape of other arena of your life including personal relations.

Colour Orange


September 23 – October 22


Jupiter in Libra continues to bless you with the gift of abundance. Professional activities highlighted. Mars and Sun beam this section of your horoscope; with their presence. In other words Horoscope chart related to profession beautifully lit up. Communication with foreign land is likely to generate far reaching result with a positive bias. More or less life’s equilibrium is in good state for now; however, same may not be true for your personal life. Those married may not be having matching steps with spouse, but nothing so serious. Be careful of hidden enemies at your career space.

Colour Cream


October 23 – November 21

For scorpions foreign connect is the keyword of the July. This month is all about external factors, other than your very own.  You may be meeting people who have an origin of far away land may be foreigner. You may be doing work which is not part of your routine schedule. It is different and beneficial. Your professional life is ripe for a better turn. Sensuous Venus in your intimate zone this July makes time rosy. Good time to propose who are planning for marriage.

Colour Red


November 22 – December 21

Depleted energy levels may struck you. Pace of life hits a slow patch although work load refuse to reduce. You and your life partner are blessed with good times together. A solid support of a relationship is equivalent of lot many good things in life. Effects of this you are likely to find in other spheres of life in the coming months. You may find yourself surrounded by a sort of seriousness. This is hard to avoid but you may enhance your outlook by providing a good amount of time to study.

Colour Pastel Red


December 22 – January 19

Sun and Mars in partner’s territory of your chart during most of July 2017, a strong passionate phase is here to stay. Other aspect of life may not be in good shape. Some jealous colleagues may want you to be unstable where you work, however, you are strongly sitting on your chair but this disturbs your focus. Also many of you may be required to deal with some degree of opposition ranging from a social media war like twitter trolling to real time court cases.

Colour  Yellow


January 20 – February 18

Are you ready to fight? This is a time to crush your enemies. Fight may be last resort but when you do not have any other choice. When I say enemy it relates to a mortal or an ill feeling or a habit so on so forth. Anything which is dragging flow of life with any kind of negativity is your enemy. Your income may dip for few months but you have inflows to support necessary expenditures. You will feel more attracted towards spirituality. Love life is good and beautiful.

Colour Light Green


February 19 – March 20

Your work has started to bear desired fruits. This came after a long struggling period. You have been working with dedication for a very long time. Do not let frustration to creep in your mind. You will stand for your values and principles and any fight related to your home issues will be resolved in your favour as desired. You are inching towards your goal. Last week of July will see a surge in quality partnership time. Issues related to others’ money in any form, are moving towards fag end. Hold your horses.

Colour Peach Pink