Sun Sign Horoscope July 2017

Horoscope July 2017

by Astrologer PRAMA CHOPRA

Horoscope Sun Sign 2017


March 21 – April 19

Home related matters are here to stay near nucleus to your life. Building, construction or decorating your nest is what you will be focusing this month. Sun and Mars visits fourth hose of your horoscope provides strong possibilities of doing real estate investment during July 17. If you are planning to buy new vehicle, you have desired speed from the planets to go and grab. A snap meet with someone may turn into a new friendly relationship and gradually you may see this evolving this relation to a passionate one and with passage of time this relation may become love of your life.

Lucky colour Light Green


April 20 – May 20

From the 5th July 2017 till July end, life is all about financial matters. Venus ruler of your sign visits earned income part of your horoscope. Momentum you built to focus on your finances in the past months continues and ready to bear fruits. Community or neighbourhood matters may occupy your time and space for most part of July. You will be communicating your view with a firm stand better to describe as ‘being authoritative’.  Over all it is a realignment phase you should decide what your priorities are. Fitness regime is on track and you are trying to be in better shape.

Colour Red


May 21 – June 20

All prepared to surprise everyone with your charm and wit. This is a glamorous time. At heart you tend to seek more and more comfort but planets pulling you to focus on all the practical matters of your life. You are ready to start a new innings of your thought of vocation if you wish to. Short term things are finely placed. However, whatever you are planning which involves years to complete should be done with utmost due diligence with no short cuts. Luck may not favour you in partnership issues around 25th July plus few days.

Colour White


June 21 – July 22

El Sol in your Sun sign with fire brand Mars. ‘Do not dare me’ is your mojo this season. However, you are advised to be grounded as Uranus is in your career territory does not protect you from fluctuations of fortunes. Domestic matters started improving from 9th June and July 17 see a better ray of light. You may have a luxury extravaganza coming your way may be a holiday with your soul mate or Those who are gone out for work, this July likely to provide a possibility of family union.

Colour  Fiery Red


July 23 – August 22

Hosting planet of intellect Mercury in your ascendant. Mind brimming with brilliant ideas but body is refusing to catch up. There may be a pile of things to complete but your energy levels fail you. This may be because you caught between contradictory circumstances. You may require fighting with a lot of opposition. You should adopt a balanced approach and buy good amount of time to recapture your oxygen levels and avoid frustration. You may put on hold certain assignments if they do not cost you dearly. Life will be hectic again next month.

Colour Yellow


August 23 – September 22

Income and savings has become anchor of your life nowadays. Earning issues are best addressed with a back up of hard work to recon. Best time to make big savings or at least to start a saving habit for future. Going for all out buy in Real Estate sector may not be best bet for now unless you are sure of a clean deal. Lot many asset classes are there to look at. You may feel contented with your professional life as things are sailing smooth but you can defiantly plan to achieve more there may be a good scope. Your domestic life has few hiccups, plan something long term to address issues around it. A solid foundation is needed to give shape of other arena of your life including personal relations.

Colour Orange


September 23 – October 22


Jupiter in Libra continues to bless you with the gift of abundance. Professional activities highlighted. Mars and Sun beam this section of your horoscope; with their presence. In other words Horoscope chart related to profession beautifully lit up. Communication with foreign land is likely to generate far reaching result with a positive bias. More or less life’s equilibrium is in good state for now; however, same may not be true for your personal life. Those married may not be having matching steps with spouse, but nothing so serious. Be careful of hidden enemies at your career space.

Colour Cream


October 23 – November 21

For scorpions foreign connect is the keyword of the July. This month is all about external factors, other than your very own.  You may be meeting people who have an origin of far away land may be foreigner. You may be doing work which is not part of your routine schedule. It is different and beneficial. Your professional life is ripe for a better turn. Sensuous Venus in your intimate zone this July makes time rosy. Good time to propose who are planning for marriage.

Colour Red


November 22 – December 21

Depleted energy levels may struck you. Pace of life hits a slow patch although work load refuse to reduce. You and your life partner are blessed with good times together. A solid support of a relationship is equivalent of lot many good things in life. Effects of this you are likely to find in other spheres of life in the coming months. You may find yourself surrounded by a sort of seriousness. This is hard to avoid but you may enhance your outlook by providing a good amount of time to study.

Colour Pastel Red


December 22 – January 19

Sun and Mars in partner’s territory of your chart during most of July 2017, a strong passionate phase is here to stay. Other aspect of life may not be in good shape. Some jealous colleagues may want you to be unstable where you work, however, you are strongly sitting on your chair but this disturbs your focus. Also many of you may be required to deal with some degree of opposition ranging from a social media war like twitter trolling to real time court cases.

Colour  Yellow


January 20 – February 18

Are you ready to fight? This is a time to crush your enemies. Fight may be last resort but when you do not have any other choice. When I say enemy it relates to a mortal or an ill feeling or a habit so on so forth. Anything which is dragging flow of life with any kind of negativity is your enemy. Your income may dip for few months but you have inflows to support necessary expenditures. You will feel more attracted towards spirituality. Love life is good and beautiful.

Colour Light Green


February 19 – March 20

Your work has started to bear desired fruits. This came after a long struggling period. You have been working with dedication for a very long time. Do not let frustration to creep in your mind. You will stand for your values and principles and any fight related to your home issues will be resolved in your favour as desired. You are inching towards your goal. Last week of July will see a surge in quality partnership time. Issues related to others’ money in any form, are moving towards fag end. Hold your horses.

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Sun Sign Horoscope June 2017

Horoscope June 2017

by Astrologer PRAMA CHOPRA

Horoscope Sun sign Western


(March 21 – April 19) 

Mercury, lord of communication is in communication territory of your chart with mighty Sun. Your hometown and neighbourhood sector is lit up. Contiguous issues are a theme of life in this June 17. Applaud is awaiting you from your very own place where you live. Mars visits forth house of your horoscope from 5th June, which relates to home housing etc. Time is good to invest in real estate and to start anything related to home/ domestic topic like renovation. Mars is fiery and full of energy the planet sometimes bring mild clash with family members or those who related to your domestic sector. Venus has been pampering you for a while now she is for journey to your earned income part of the chart from 6th June 2017. This will shift your focus self to financial recourses. This simply means financial issues are well shaped.

Lucky Colour White


(April 20 – May 20)

Beauty planet Venus ruler of your ascendant visits own house in your chart. Going great. Ascendant or first house in a horoscope rules self. Your personality is going to get a boost. Enjoyment and splurge is mojo of this transit. It is a time to enjoy things of self improvement, beautify everything relates to yourself and merge with self pampering. New glittery look, fashion extravaganza, everything is possible. Yester months forced you to be in a limited opportunity period. Now you feel out of it. People in your life will be surprised with your new incarnation and they will attract appreciation for this facet of your personality which is full of valour, if someone mess up with you during this phase he/she is in trouble. Your family is there with you with all support.

Lucky Colour  Creamy white


(May 21 – June 20)

Ruler of your sign Mercury will start visiting own house from 7th June 2017. Superb energy levels continue for some time. Venus is in relaxation sector so you want to relax, sleep and retire at the same time. This urge is more in place as you have been working tirelessly for last weeks or months i should say. But this is not a time to stop when your ingenuity is about to touch peak.  This is a good time to wind up all issues. You can easily turn the tide in your favour. So opt for addressing difficult issues as well. Life with your love is in perfect shape you need to spice up things a bit else monotony in relationship may slowly fade the charm of it which you may realise in long term when you look at hind sight.

Lucky Colour Emerald Green


(June 21 – July 22)

Focus shifts to Home, self and money. Emotional sign Cancer is hosting energy planet Mars. The month is all about action. Best utilisation of time would be to attend unfinished tasks. Sun and Mercury powering your twelfth house of healing and retreat. At the same time Mars is providing life force and Sun, Mercury in twelfth likes to rest. Now it is up to you what shape you want to give your future.  The time is benign to channelize your energy in a positive direction. Financial plans will move as per your plans. Overall situation also suggests that you have fine tuned every situation. Meditation is advised if you feel your inner self is stirred up to have a balanced situation within and outside.

Lucky Colour  Yellow


(July 23 – August 22)

Sun and Mercury is in eleventh house of social happening. You swiftly merge in society projects as an authority figure. Good following and recognition may come your way through these enactments. Those who are connected with masses like artists, politicians, writers, media personalities of this sign will have a superb time. All this may bring a compelling recognition from the people sitting on positions. You are likely to have a very little ‘me’ time and also for your loved ones. But by the end of the year you should have accumulated enough resources which will help reshaping your life and surrounding.

Lucky Colour Sap green


(August 23 – September 22)

Seems the best month of 2017, Name fame success everything comes so easily. Both the financial houses of your horoscope are aligned in sync. Mars in eleventh house of your income makes it only better. Now it is up to you how you have a balance of your hectic work life and focus more on taking steps for creating enduring resources. Planets are favouring matters from far places such as a luxury voyage with soul mate. So differ your plans related to home sector for a better time if situation allows. Some tension mostly mental in nature; may crop up on 10-11 June.

Lucky Colour Emerald green


(September 23 – October 22)

Tenth house of your horoscope, the house of action and professional activities is charged up and this will continue for next few months. You may be required to attend tricky situation or ventures at work place. Issue related to foreign will yield good result. Travel plans to abroad will go smoothly as per your plans. Chances are going for tour related to pilgrimage or for some government work are bright. Your private life will be as soothing as monsoon shower after an Indian summer. Trust your intuition in general; the aspect of planets gracing this upon you.

Lucky Colour Yellow


(October 23 – November 21)

Your partnership house is brilliantly lit up. Everything you had expected from your partner is coming in reality. Those who are single it is good time to engaged for an Indian winter wedding. You are still to catch up with desired pace in life which is missing from your life in 2017 so far.  Mars the ruler of your sign enters ninth house a silver lining in the matters of luck. Any such Issue related to court case settlement, mortgage payment, will, insurance payout may continue to hound you. Annual Sun- Saturn opposition on 15 June involves part of your horoscope which denotes your saved recourses and other people’s money; watch out your finances from 15th June  + 15 days after.

Lucky Colour Pink


(November 22 – December 21)

You stand out whatever project you take up, your presence makes things altogether different. Saturn in your sign might be exerting you a lot. You might be feeling work pressure to the hilt. But this training is worth going it is worth going. Give your name and persona a good exposure people should have knowledge of your work first, to be appreciated later. If you are looking for some financial support like a salary raise, funding, collaboration etc. you should go for it I mean go for discussion. Partnership matters are cherry on cake. Sagittarians who are not settled may find someone for a lasting relationship.

Lucky Colour Purple


(December 22 – January 19)

Those who are looking for new assignments brush your resume and email. Employers also have a better time at office recruitment. Same is those who are looking employees for their home. Sun and Mercury in your health house. Your fitness regime finds a sudden thrust. Also it suggests reaching for a culmination of ongoing ‘clutter free campaign’ and this campaign is strongest in its last leg. Let go what is not for use anymore. Finish these agenda as soon as possible because Love house in your chart is so lit up that you will not imagine how beautifully things are aligned first week of June. And you should be free and far from all distraction to enjoy the bliss.

Lucky Colour  Yellow


(January 20 – February 18)

Jupiter in your ninth house is balancing every aspect of your life. You are rightly poised to consolidate your gains made in last many years. If you have not done so start doing it without a single day delay. Planets are allowing you to be in commanding situations but if you are not feeling or believing try to introspect. By the end of year 2017year end Saturn will move out of ‘house of gains’ in your horoscope. This means you should test pinnacle of your success by the finish of the year.  So you should have this motto that not a single day should go without an honest attempt to bring out best in you.  Homes, fitness, creativity, pleasure everything glittering well this month.

Lucky Colour Aqua green


(February 19 – March 20)

Nesting time. Home has become your heaven. This stage has come after a painstaking campaign to rebuilt, renovate and recreate. Sun and mercury both are lighting up your domestic life. You are likely to spend good amount of time with siblings and experience warmth in relationship with family members. After 20th June Sun would leave your cozy fourth house to make you shining star of creativity. This would be beginning of a new avatar of action oriented Piscean. Mars in fifth may push you to the brink of being short tempered. But for your own good try to be polite. People tend to remember only harsh words, however, compassionate you have been with them, they forget easily. And anyways a Piscean should be known for his/her tender heartedness.

Lucky Colour Apple Green