Indian Culture

Secular Greeting JAI SHRI RAM

October 21, 2016

Once I went to a party and greeted my friends with ‘Jai Sri Ram’. One of my friends commented that I should use Secular Greetings. I put up my argument that when some body sneezes, English people say God Bless You. Muslims frequently use the word Insha Allah and so on. So why some body […]

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Shringi Rishi of Ramayana era – Singrauli – Mada rock cut caves

April 14, 2016

सृंगी रिषिहि बसिष्ठ बोलावा। पुत्रकाम सुभ जग्य करावा॥
भगति सहित मुनि आहुति दीन्हें। प्रगटे अगिनि चरू कर लीन्हें॥3॥

sR^i.ngI riShahi basiShTha bolAvA. putrakAma subha jagya karAvA ..

bhagati sahita muni Ahuti dInhe.n. pragaTe agini charU kara lInhe.n ..

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My Father’s Memory of Gauraksha Andolan 1966

March 26, 2016

“My Father’s Memory of Gauraksha Andolan 1966” – by R. K. Chopra My Father Shri Dev Kumar Chopra is now in his eighties. He gets very agitated when he comes across any news of trafficking of cows for slaughter across state or country’s borders. We come from a Hindu Khatri Family from Varanasi. My Father’s […]

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