Jupiter-Moon Yoga (Guru Chandra Yoga)

Jupiter- Moon Yoga

Guru Chandra (Guru Chandi / Chandee)

गुरू-चन्द्र  / गुरू-चाँदी योग


When Jupiter is in conjunction /1st quadrant from Moon it is Guru Chandra Yoga (and by default it is Gaja Kesari) and Jupiter in other quadrants from Moon i.e. 4th (fourth), 7th (seventh) and 10th (tenth) then it is termed Gaja-kesari Yoga.

It is the most elevated yoga among all types of Gaja Kesari Yoga. Ancient Scholars had further deciphered this as Guru Chandra Yoga. And example of this kind of Gaja Kesari one could see in the horoscope of lord Rama where Moon in own sign Cancer is in conjunction with exalted Jupiter. Click here to read full article about Guru Chandra Yoga.

In India Astrology Jupiter is called Guru or Brihaspati by virtue of being in Guru of Devtas the Gods. The word Guru in Sanskrit means big, large. In Astrology Dev Guru Brahaspati (Jupiter) is planet for Knowledge, wisdom, eloquence and righteousness. Chaandee (Silver) is in reference to Moon. In Urdu and Hindi Moon is called Chaand (चाँद). In Hindi and Urdu languages have adjectives for moonlight chandani. In Hindi word for silver is Chandi/ Chandee and has derived its name from Chaand word. In astrology Guru Chaandee Yoga means Guru Chandra Yoga. In other words conjunction of Jupiter and Moon.

Why this conjunction is so auspicious:

Jupiter becomes exalted in Zodiac Cancer. Moon is the owner of Cancer sign.

Jupiter and Moon are friend planets. (Adimitra).

Both the planets are natural benefic (Shubha Graha)

In association Jupiter and Moon enhances each others effect.

8 Responses to “Jupiter-Moon Yoga (Guru Chandra Yoga)”

  1. <path_to_url> Hari

    What if Guru is 5th from Chandra? Ie in a trine to each other.

  2. <path_to_url> Mercury

    Then how would be this person’s moon dasa period?

  3. <path_to_url> Mercury

    If guru Chandra is placed in Pisces for Virgo ascendent , then what would be the result?

  4. <path_to_url> akash varshney

    I have this typ of yog but in real m struggling in my life a lot so this astrology is only for fun hahahaha. my dob is 21.10.1985 tob 01.10 pm n pob is lucknow uttar pradesh. so can u plz suggest me when I will get results as per your theory of this yogs.

  5. <path_to_url> DHRUBA JYOTI DEB

    DOB 15/06/1984, TIME 7:20 a.m., birth place GUWAHATI, sir please let me know is there any raj yog in my kundli.

  6. <path_to_url> ALEX

    what about moon and jupiter conjuncted with ascendant in Libra sign? what is the effect of this yoga in Libra ascendant?

  7. <path_to_url> Gurgaon Astrologer PRAMA CHOPRA founder ASTROWORLD

    It will depend upon the yoga occurs in which of the ascendant and subsequently Guru – Chandra placed in which of the house of the Jataka. Accordingly the yoga phal can be explained.

  8. <path_to_url> Dr.Athma Nathen

    Whats the interpretation when a person has guruchandra yoga . how does the person looks & the personality ??

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