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 She is an astrologer, people go to her to know their future, discuss their problems and seek solutions. Prama Chopra, says, “Apart from predictions a major part of astrology relates to remedies.’ She shares her insight on Tree Worship, back in the day remedy for problem solving and its relevance in today’s times

In today’s astrology, the one which is followed by masses is only a segment of Birth Astrology. People go to consult an astrologer and follow difficult rituals,ceremonies and spend lot of money in buying snake oil, more of such things which are difficult to procure and expensive too.

Whereas simple remedy of tree worship is easily ignored as it may not have that much commercial profit as the other remedies like gems, assigned Pujas and complex rituals may have some direct or indirect benefit to the advisor.

What do scriptures say?

The ancient text Narad Puran (6th century compilation) describes astrology along with Vedanga, where association of trees from Vedic deities who govern zodiac and Nakshatra is established. It is believed that the origin of trees, plants and roots is from Lord Brahma’s hair and hence very essential to existence of life not just mankind.

The plants and trees which were inherently safeguarded in ancient times were regarded as Gods & Goddesses and sighted as Lord Shiva’s Rudra Swaroop, where he consumed poison and distributed nectar. The same connotation is for the green belt, plants give out oxygen after utilizing and absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment.

The Vedic Jyotish believes that by worshipping a particular tree/plant according to their birth Nakshatra, people could get free from economic, health or social problems. Watering the particular plant, circumbating around it a few times in reverence, these rituals apart from their astrological benefits greatly helped the person mentally and emotionally as well as widely protected the green belt in ancient times. By virtue of these beliefs, protection of trees and ecosystem were assured for the coming ages.

Nakshatra & Zodiac

Astrology in Hindu households plays a very important part in day to day life. The new age households may not openly accept the relevance of their trust in astrology, but the reality lies in the closed doors and family traditions.

The celestial spare of 360°divided in 12 parts is zodiac or the 12 Rashis as we know. In our Vedic system, a further calibration is given which is commonly known as Nakshatra. 360°/27. Each Nakshatra has one ruling or exalting Devta.

Nakshatra is based on the planetary positions at the time of birth and accordingly a particular type of plant is associated with it. Here is a brief list of plants according to Nakshatra.

About the author Prama Chopra is doing work related to protect environment as a religious practice behaviour and spread knowledge of this to inculcate the same in areas of Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. Her website astroworld.co.in also promoting and inspiring Nakshatra tree Plantation for more than a decade. You may write to her to know your star tree at prama@astroworld.co.in.

The History, Science and Mathematics of Indian (Hindu हिंदू) and Other Calendars

History of Calendars

The History, Science and Mathematics of Indian (Hindu हिंदूand Other Calendars

A book by Rajesh Kumar Chopra




Multiple calendar systems are being followed in this large country, India, with diverse cultures; and though each of them is individually accurate based on its adopted principles, the difference is not easily understood due to mingling of them over many centuries. Another highlight of the confusion is the names of the months being same in most of the Hindu calendars.

A festival falling on different dates in different years is a common feature of all religions. For Hindus, the Hōlī Festival may occur on any day from March 1 to March 29; for Muslims the Īd may happen on any day of the year; whereas for Christians, the Easter Sunday may occur from March 22 to April 25 or as celebrated by some orthodox churches from April 3 to May 10. This does not happen arbitrarily, but there is Simple Science and Mathematics behind this.

Before going through the chapters, one must understand that the simplicity is not the Nature’s nature. Though the Nature follows its set of rules, it does not like round numbers, as it has an affinity to fractions and variations. Take the example of the ratio between the circumference of a circle to its diameter. It is denoted by a Greek Letter Pi (π) which is an irrational number, i.e. its value cannot be expressed exactly as a fraction or decimals. Though you can do some approximations, like 22/7 or 355/113, or say, represent it till 10 digits as 3.14159265359. People have calculated its value even till the 2,000,000,000,000,000th digit.

It would have been wonderful if we had exactly 4 weeks in a month. Counting of weeks would have been so much easier. Or each month could have been only of 30 days, a year of 360 days, and of course, no leap year. A lot better would have been a year of 100 days and 10 month in a year. But it is not. And therefore, I am writing this book with the objective of making the subject easy to understand. You may use your discretion in case of any difference of opinion or if you find any inconsistency which could have crept in inadvertently while collecting facts and figures from different sources. I have also used हिंदीHindī spellings (देवनागरी Devanāgarī script) for some words for Indian readers.

I also acknowledge the other scholars, whose views and citations have been indirectly reflected in this book. Brought to my knowledge I shall be happy to include their reference.

The objective of writing this book is to make people understand the calendar rather than to Re-Search.

I would highly appreciate all the suggestions and comments for any improvement.





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The Science behind Indian (Hindu) Calendars


Signature Analysis

Signature Analysis

The CEO’s signature means a lot for the corporate; so is yours. This means a lot for you; especially financial side of prospect. And this is one aspect of your being you can completely alter; all other things are not that changeable with this ease.

The contours made out of your writing tell a lot. Right Slant or left slant of what you scripting, or perfect ninety degree vertical letter, pressure on specific letters, serif. If these are not enough dots, strokes, loops, continuity, spacing. Bold and small size of letters reflects a lot for your personality and behavior. Interpretation an underline below the signature is not to underestimate while doing the analysis.

Astrologer Prama Chopra Gurgaon contact info@astroworld.co.in

Know Your Nakshatra Tree (Birth Star Tree) Free #BeatPlasticPollution

Know Your Nakshatra Tree (Birth Star Tree) Free




“Trees have been celebrated in Indian lives since ancient times. Providential origin of trees itself speaks about how Indian culture cared for environment in all ages.” Ms PRAMA CHOPRA

This year India is hosting World Environment Day on 5th June 2018. ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ is theme of this year’s event.


We at Astroworld.co.in are supporting the cause #BeatPlasticPollution in our capacity to promote Tree acculturation in our life; Environment friendly worship is always the essence of Hindu Culture. The only requisite is to remove ignorance of using non biodegradable elements like plastic, during performing pujas or worships. In last few decades use of plastic has crept in our lives with modern age unchecked development.


Promotion of Nakshatra (Birth Star) Tree Plantation and Nakshatra Tree Garden is an initiative by Prama Chopra Founder ASTROWORLD.CO.IN




Nakshatra Tree Garden
Municipal Corporation Gurugram Certificate of appreciation to Ms. Prama Chopra for Nakshatra Tree Garden for Swarna Jayanti Park, Gurugram, Haryana




We have left no stone unturned to promote this part of our spirituality which saves environment apart from doing dharma as the basic purpose. Astrologer Prama Chopra has been inspiring masses to do Eco friendly Astrological remedies for their concern. Nakshatra tree related web-page on Astroworld.co.in has more than fifty thousands visits since publication in 2011 Source: Google analytics. http://www.astroworld.co.in/astrology/नक्षत्र-वृक्ष-plants-trees-of-27-nakshatras-stars/

From start of this World Environment Day 5th June 2018 to do our bit to save environment Astrologer Prama Chopra is providing free Online advice to plant Nakshatra tree specific to your birth star based on your birth date time and place.


Tweet us to know your Nakshatra tree in English, Hindi or any other Indian regional language at our twitter handle https://twitter.com/NakshatraTree

You may also ask your Nakshatra tree on our face book page.


Those who do not want to discuss their birth details on social media they may just fill the form on our website with your date of birth time and place. You will receive answer by email.

Mars – Saturn combination and Stars Wars of 2018 by PRAMA CHOPRA

Mars – Saturn combination and Stars Wars of 2018


Chances of war or catastrophe in the world in the year of 2018. A lot of speculation is going about the world politics. Last year in 2017, media all around the world was struck with paranoia of North Korean Kim, however, nothing happened to a drastic level where the entire world would have felt the brunt. In this year of 2018 television channels and WhatsApp forwards continue to give importance to such reports and jokes.

Read an Astrological analysis of planetary movement in 2018 and world events.

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Mars – Saturn combination and Stars Wars of 2018 by PRAMA CHOPRA












Author Prama Chopra astrologer in Gurugram






Aries Horoscope February 2018


March 21 – April 19

Venus and Sun, Mercury in social sector of your chart till Feb 11 and 18 respectively.

Society issues related to masses come to prominence for good.

It is hard to cope with Uranus in your ascendant and Saturn in tenth house.

Career issues are there and you are beginning to learn life in a different way. This year is going to be altogether different from academic learning.

However the month provides good silver lining in terms of earnings.

If you are cashing your provident fund or any long term fixed income, an immediate secure

Investment should be done for a future expenditure for the time when your income sources are not that good.

Lord of your ascendant is travelling through ninth house of your horoscope so whatever good is to come should come from a distant land, distant friend, distant employer etc, if you are digging well in your courtyard availability may not be that easy to fetch water out.

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Taurus Horoscope February 2018


April 20 – May 20

What a month for career growth Sun Venus and Mercury already transiting in career house of your horoscope. Those who are in better employment search should take advantage of this favourable situation. Polish the resume and email to prospective employers. Those who are in business reach out to target customer audiences and carry marathon meetings if need be. Soon you are likely to see business growing. Later half of the month should be utilised to monetize your hard work. More or less you are poised for a leap. So you can plan for long term as well. Taurians are known for laborious tasks. So go all out to chase your dreams.

Mars visiting eight house of your horoscope so adventure travels may be avoided. Guard against any injury and speculative activities.

This is a dreamy sort of partnership phase. Those who are not in any relation commitment till now may see it happening now. Good time to get married.


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Gemini Horoscope February 2018


May 21 – June 20

High chances are of travelling during first few weeks of Feb. By the time you reach mid month all focus shift to your career.

Legal issues may have been disturbing many of you a lot. Also health or health related issues still bothering you but you need to tread carefully when it comes to legal issues health insurance and settlement. Saturn in eight house of your horoscope makes you indulged in the matter for long. It is not easy but if you are able to check the balance of other aspect of your life you may be able to feel solid ground beneath your feet.

Personal life is full of passion and having support from your spouse. This support means a lot for you during this phase.

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Cancer horoscope February 2018


June 21 – July 22

Love life is going to offer a great going. But those who are in committed relationship may not be feeling this true as the planets are not so positively placed for married ones. Partnership zone of your chart is afflicted by Saturn’s placement in the area. I do not want to paint a rosy picture but those who do not have their marriage on solid ground may see a divorce like situation cropping up and it is going to be a prolonged difficult time. So it would be better to delay any conflict with spouse. On a lighter note give a miss to fighting schedule this month. This is a tough month during first few weeks and by the month end you may expect some breather. Better remedy is you should focus on your career front.

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Leo Horoscope February 2018


July 23 – August 22

Love, companion marital bliss all are in perfect shape in your life this season. You are unconditionally committed to your spouse for all these happy moments. Domestic issues are sorted for now.

Now you would want to allocate more time to your work sphere. Start your career activity for a better year end show.

Good time to start a Business venture in the beginning of the month. In career joint efforts are better for balancing any sudden unpleasant development towards month end.

In the month end you may feel exhausting your resources.

Analytical abilities are at its best. If any brain storming sessions calls your name be a part of it, you are likely to rule the roost, however, you should keep your temper in check as Mars in fifth house may take the league to a melting point. But generally your wisdom will be appreciated. Note down your novel idea during this month you may give shape or sell later.

After February 11 financial issues related to others may bother you, this could be related to some loam EMI, unscheduled payment to insurance bill, legal settlement or so.


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Virgo Horoscope February 2018


August 23 – September 22

Good time to address assignment related issues or finish your job hunt as there is a lull period for some time in this regard after mid February. Business opportunities coming across you this month are generally just.

Real estate, loan financing, mortgage and EMI planning for house and property as well as for vehicle are on cards.

Mentally you may be feeling low. One way out to counter this situation is to share your emotions with siblings and close friends. They will save you facing direct head winds.

By the middle month good support will come from your life partner. As partnership zone of your horoscope lighted well. So cheer missing from your life for some unknown reasons is slowly returning to make things good.

You are close to the events related to your near and dear and participating in some religious activities.


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Libra Horoscope February 2017


September 23- October 22

First half of the month continues to be dreamy situation in life. So enjoy every moment of it. But nothing lasts forever. What comes to you do not take for granted.

As the month progresses routine issues will be prominent. Beginning for a clutter removal mission. Put your exercise and shape up regime in place. If you are ignoring your health issues you will be forced to take a note of the situation. Certain changes are indicated in your day today work space also.

Good time to address your audience with a strong conviction filled speech.

Is your behaviour is taking you away from your home too far? Watch this space carefully and give a heed to any issue in this regard or this regret may come knocking in future.

Home related bliss may be lacking aspect in your life. Finances are better placed and earned income adding up slowly.

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Scorpio Horoscope February 2017


October 23 – November 21

Planning to buy a home? First half of the month gives you a boost in this regard. This a nesting time even if you are not buying or renting real sate. Everything revolves around home.

Similarly you may be thinking for a vehicle purchase. Those Scorpions who are in transport business in any form are likely to see a good time.

You are in a well balanced situation and soon your priority will shift to ‘me’ time. Year 2018 has started as a self centred year for you. Money matters are within your reach now.

Something new may come in your love life in the month end, for single Scorpions.

Couples may plan for child ‘a new member in family’. However, issues related to wider family is a losing ground for you this year.


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Sagittarius Horoscope February 2018


November 22 – December 21

Still feeling a war of tug between taking rest and initiate action, but the situation is better than the last month.

Communication is the keyword of the month. Be it direct lecture delivery, or addressing through internet space or writing a column. Meeting Friends, sorting Residents Welfare Association issues will be time consuming. You are encircling your much known area of interest.

Slowly focus will shift to home issues. This is an ideal time to renovate, decorate and give your surrounding a fresh look. No heaviness this month.

Jupiter in twelfth house of your horoscope will pull you to retreat mode off and on this year. Hope you are easily able to cope with this as Mars in your ascendant makes you action oriented. This means you may not feel the affect of slowing down so complete your tasks as much you can, during this phase.


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Capricorn Horoscope February 2018


December 22 – January 19

A slow and serious approach has become a way for your life, for now.

Financial matters are key feature for this season. Government and authorities may bring good results in this regard. And why not, you have to have a prefect bank balance to endure for the times to come. You should be guided by your intuitive instinct in all matters this season.

Tread carefully as you face conflicting time ahead in the coming months. You will be more vocal more connected about your world.

You are going to join an enthusiastic gathering of friends and relatives in the latter half of the month

No prominent change in your personal life. Love life will remain as it was earlier.

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